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I work with women in two ways so you can start showing up in the world as the best version of you! The version you know deep down is inside just waiting to come fully alive! 

1:1 Life and/or Business Coaching

If you’re tired of showing up in life as average, or if you’re a high performer who wants to fast track your dreams and goals and have an immersive, customized coaching experience tailored to meet your personal goals, one on one coaching is for you! What areas do you want to enhance…Do you want to change your financial future and get out of debt? Do you desire to be a consultant for your favorite network marketing company, start a business or non profit? Are you wanting to write that long overdo book that’s been living on the inside of your heart? Do you have relationships or a marriage that is falling a part, but if you just had the right communication tools you know your relationships could be loving, healthy and vibrant? Do you want to increase your spiritual, mental and emotional well being? Is it time to make your health and fitness a priority? If the answer to any of these or all of these is YES then 1:1 coaching is for you and this is what it looks like!

3 Month Commitment - $1,000 with bi-weekly 1 hr. personalized Zoom video conference calls In person coffee date option for each session is available where I provide hard copies of our materials and cover our beverages for $1,500 per 3 month session.

Text Access 2x/week in addition to the coaching call

High Performance Planner

Tactical Resources and Tools to Help you Achieve Your Goals

Exercises and Homework Matched with Respectful Accountability

Mastermind/Group Coaching

Are you ready to get out of your own way? Join a group of like minded individuals where you can up level your life in multiple areas. It’s time to shift your mindset and go after the life you crave! Group coaching is a great way to jump into self development and be surrounded with a community that’s on the fast track to having it all right along with you! My group coaching looks like this:

8 Week Commitment - $500 with weekly
FB Lives/Videos

1 Hour Intake Strategy Session Call

Exercises and Homework Matched with Respectful Accountability

Tactical Resources & Tools To Help You Reach Your Goals

FB Community/Group

Offered Twice Annually,
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Refund Policy

 All payments, including any initial deposits, are non-refundable.  Showing up for yourself is an event.  An event that should be taken very seriously.  When you buy a ticket to an event whether it be a concert, NFL football game, 5K, conference or anything else, if you don’t feel like going or change your mind, you don’t get a refund. And you don’t expect one….because it was your choice to do something different. It was your choice to miss the event.  This may sound like tough love…because it is.  Real, honest, tough love for yourself will get you where you want to go, creating the life you desire!  Which is what I’m excited to see! You in action, showing up for your life and wowing everyone in the process when they can see your transformation and say, wow – that’s hot! I can’t wait to be your coach at that event!