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Free To Be Conference

I love to bring women together to create time and space to focus solely on themselves; setting aside responsibilities of home, work and kids to give their souls time rest, grow and dream again! Free To Be conferences do precisely that as they are chalked full of amazing speakers, beautiful music and art, time for self reflection, prayer and journaling….plus provide an incredible opportunity to build community!

Free To Be conferences are on the last Saturday in February each year so mark your calendar now so you don’t miss out! Tickets are available on starting January 1 and will be held at a venue in Evansville, IN. There are three ticket levels to choose from so you can customize your experience! Can’t wait to see you at the next Free To Be event! Stay subscribed for updates as we get closer!

Free To Be Retreats

Do you ever feel like your soul is thirsty for more connection in your relationships, more depth in your spiritual and personal life, more clarity for your future and passion for your business? When you’re rushing through life on auto pilot, you never have an opportunity to change paths or course correct – you just run the same race and get the same results. That’s not only unhealthy but will yield results in your life opposite from what you deeply desire.

Weekend retreats are a soul refreshing emersion experience where you slow down and focus on your own personal development with a small group of likeminded women. You can work on your inner person, relationship with God and others, create a plan for your future life that excites you, or design a business strategy that attracts the type of clients you yearn to work with! These opportunities offer one on one and group coaching time, yoga, prayer/meditation, music, yummy food, girl time and soul filling adventures to help stretch you so you can start showing up in the world as the best version of you! The version you know deep down is inside just waiting to come fully alive! Register here to apply for the waitlist of the next retreat!