My heart is to help equip and mobilize women into leadership across the nations and one way I get to do that on a monthly basis is through  
I encourage you to get involved with this amazing organization that allows women to fund other women’s small business ventures in countries all over the globe!  This tangible support enables women to build their dreams and their lives by learning a skill or trade and going into business to provide for their families. I’ve been blessed to support women’s businesses in selling hand made goods, agriculture, completing home repairs, providing medical assistance in their country and so much more!  Be a part of this global movement – fund a loan to change a life!  

Restoration Wraps – I founded restoration wraps with my daughter Madison in 2012!  We made headbands and donated all the proceeds to help fund a Restoration Home in Myanmar for victims of human trafficking, providing them a home and ability to learn a skill to financially support themselves.  Today the work continues as we give beautiful silver cross necklaces in exchange for a $25 donation.  If interested you can donate here to receive a restoration wrap necklace.